Workshop CHI Play 2014


In this workshop, we reflect on the reciprocal influence of participatory design and serious game design. Employing participatory design in serious game design requires us to extend conceptualisations of both participatory design and serious game design; a core workshop goal is to establish what happens within these extended spaces. We intend to explore and map out the ways in which researchers and practitioners of the games and participatory design communities have approached this in academic and industry settings alike. We will seek case studies of how participatory design has been used in different stages of serious game design processes, specific methods appropriated or developed for doing so, and details of problematic dynamics between participatory design processes and serious game design. We are interested in critical reflections on how and when participatory design approaches were helpful for serious game design, and new forces and considerations that the inclusion of participatory design may have introduced. We also wish to examine how participatory design can create new forms of empower­ment for players in serious game design contexts.


The workshop will define and prioritize a future agenda for participatory design and serious games design. This will be fostered before, during and after the workshop through a number of forums. This website will serve as a portal for forming and discussing this agenda within and outside the workshop. It is our ambition to compose, from these different narratives and reflexive accounts, a contribution to Gamasutra. Also, a Special Interest Group (SIG) will be established to build a community of researchers with this shared interest. SIG meetings and follow up workshops at related venues will be discussed and planned during the workshop. For more information, click here for the full workshop proposal.

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